About us

Nimbus : Rain cloud.

Nimbus : Halo, rays, hovering over or emerging from an entity. Portrays heavenly glory.

 What is your perception of life? 

We float in the endless, the infinite. The soul is forever, there is no end. 

Nimbus is the equilibrium. Rain cloud, representing every living being of our universe. Halo, representing the soul, the consciousness of every single one of us.

How do you define your existence? What are you doing with it? 

Nimbus, equilibrium, two sides of a coin. Two forces pushing equally towards each other creating the creative flow that fills our world. What is already there, and what you create with it. This omnipresent stream of creative energy lives everywhere in the universe as much as in your soul.

Nimbus, equilibrium, the perfect balance of two forces. Reach the maximum potential having this balance in your life. Be the master of your existence, create your journey, and manifest your vibration. Everything is fruit of your own perception.

 Just like the cloud you are part of life's infinite cycle. Every cloud is different, but they all know the same balance.

Nimbus will inspire the world to truly be. Through our art and our lifestyle, we'll show the world our soul. We are one, lets live like it.